Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Before commissioning me please read the Terms of Service as stated below.

For any other questions contact me at contact@pomelyne.com

  • Please inform me if you have a deadline for the commission.
    • Deadlines have to be established before processing.
  • Payments are going through PayPal ONLY, using the bill system.
    • an invoice will be sent UPFRONT
  • Commissions are generally not refundable unless I haven’t started working on the commission or can’t provide it.
  • Please make sure you have the needed permissions for any character that’s not yours.
    • Artworks are for personal use. You’ll have to buy the rights for any commercial use.
  • I am not held responsible for any commercial copyright infringements made by the receiving party of my artworks.
  • I retain full rights over my commissions, which means I can post them in my gallery and use them as I want., without need of prior notice or authorization. I reserve the right to livestream the creation of the artwork on Twitch and record it for YouTube videos.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission


Thank you

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