Commissions are OPEN

For any business inquieries or to be added to the waiting list feel free to send me an email at

Before commissioning have a look my Term of Services.
Please check the slots available and the waiting list.

I’ll take commissions for FEMALE characters only (OC, fanart, based on simple description, character from MMO, D&D…)
Send me an email at with all the infos, as much details as possible and the references.
Details needed can include:
– The pose/the angle…
– The main color/the ambiance/the lighting…
– The expression, attitude, feeling…

Payment under 100€ will be upfront. Fore bigger commissions we can split in 2 payments. One during sketch approval and one at the end.

WARNING: I currently don’t take commissions for portraits from photos, male characters, Twitch emotes or any graphic designs.
I don’t do NSFW, gore, violence, detailed background, full furry.
If you’re a content creator and want a personalized portrait please contact me.

For any other business inquiries feel free to contact me at

Waiting list: –

Portrait – Starting at 90 €

Illustration shoulders or chest up with basic background.
Hands are not included in this format.
One hand: +10e
Two hands: +15e

Slot availables: 4

Torso Up – Starting at 175 €

Illustration Torso up with basic background.
Hands are included in the price.

Slot availables: 3

Thighs up – Starting at 250€

Illustration with thigh up. Basic Background.
Hands and small accessories are included in the price.

Slot availables: 2

Full Body/ Grand Illustration Starting at 400€

Grand Illustration, starting with Thigh up into full body character, including hands and big amount of details, complexe outfit and complexe lighting. Semi-simple background.

Slot available: 1

Personnalised Portrait (under conditions)

If you are a content creator (youtuber/streamer…) and want a custom portrait for your socials or anything else please send me an email. I’m doing this type of professional commissions only on certain conditions. Thanks.