Who am I

Freelance artist / Illustrator


Hi! My name is Sarah, a digital artist based in Paris, France.

After High School I first started to study 3D animation for 3 years in a private school and ended up working in the special effects industry for 6 months in 2014. There I realised I was feeling more attracted by the creation and concept than the 3D realisation itself. I got myself interested into digital art and found out drawing would be the best medium for me to express my ideas. I joined some anatomy and figure practice night classes in the Beaux Arts school of Paris but the motivation was still not here.

It’s in September 2016, after a long stay in England that I decided I really wanted to become an artist and work hard to make my dreams come true. I started streaming my art on Twitch and share my art journey. Started to build my community from there, got my first commissions and slowly grow an audience. I reached Twitch Partnership in February 2017 and continued providing content.
I finally found myself into cute girls illustrations with warm and colorfull tones. I keep making commissions, started Youtube videos, and opened merch shops.
Looking forward for the future, hope you’ll keep following my journey! Thanks for everything.

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